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Chaudhry Sarai,Sambhal.U.P.(India)
Al Jamia Tul Qadriya Raza-e-Hasnain Sambhal
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This is Abrar Misbahi Principal Of Madrasa Raza-e- Hasnain Sambhal

As the principal of Madrasa Raza-e-Hasnain, I am And All Teachers of our Madrasa dedicated to fostering a nurturing and inspiring learning environment. My vision is to empower (375) students to become lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and compassionate individuals. By promoting academic excellence, character development, and creativity, we cultivate well-rounded students prepared for future challenges. Collaborating with dedicated teachers and supportive parents, we prioritize a safe and inclusive campus where diversity is celebrated. With a focus on innovation and modern teaching methodologies, our Madrasa equips students with essential skills for success in an ever-changing world. Together, we shape a bright future for our students, building a strong foundation for their dreams

Managing Committee

From the very beginning there has been a managing committee to look after and control the management and administration of Raza-e -Hasnain. At present the names of offices bearers in the managing committee are given below.

No. Name Designation
1 Tehseen Ahmad S/O Sayyad Hasan Ahmad General Manager 
2 Sayyad Peer Azhar Saab  President
3 Haji Zafeer Ahmad  Voice Manager
4 Chaudhry Sharaf Ali urf Guddu khan Deputy General Manager
5 Chaudhry Naved Aslam Second Voice President
6 Haji nasir Khan Second Deputy General Manager
7 Nazim Husain Urf Guddu Khan Member
8  Saeed Ahmad Khan Member
9  Mohd Irfan Khan  Member
10  Mohd Shareef Khan  Member
11  Haji Dulha Member
12   Member
13   Member
14   Member
15   Member



New students seeking admission to  Jamia are selected on the basis of their merits in the qualifying entrance test. The candidates are asked to come to  Madrasa on 9th of Shawwal. The entrance test is held on 10th or 11th for all classes. Those candidates who get the merit, are admitted. The classes are started from 15th or 16th shawwal after the completion of admission procedure. A candidate must attach with his admission form, a T.C issued from the previous Madrasa where he pursued his studies and ID proof issued by Indian Government. 

شعبہ جات مدرسہ رضائے حسنین سنبھل



Jamia Qadriya Raza-e- Hasnain aims at preparing such students who will be able to preach the true version of Islam, lead the Muslims to the right path and to take active part in serving the nation and the country as well. Therefore, all these things have been given due consideration in its Academic Programme. The detailed syllabus has been published several times a referential sketch of the same syllabus is given here.

At present, there is a fifteen years’ syllabus, Nursery (one Year), Primary (Five Years), Secondary (Five Years), Alimiyat (two Years), Fazilat (Two Years). Then there is a two years course for specialization in any if these Subjects: Arabic Literature, Islamic Jurisprudence, Philosophy and Logic or Islamic Studies Besides the optional subject a student is required to write a thesis on a selected topic, approved by the Jamia, to get his certificate in this course.

The following subjects and disciplines are included in the primary classes
(1) The Holy Quran (2) Theology (3) Ethics (4) Sociology (5) Urdu Language (6) Hindi Language (7) Science (8) Mathematics (9) Geography (10) Urdu Grammar (11) Basic English (12) General Knowledge

The Following Subjects are included in the classes
(1) Persian Grammar (2) Persian Literature (3) Persian Composition (4) Urdu Literature (5)Scholasticism (6) Islamic Fiqh (7)Sirat (the biography of the Holy Prophet (8) Hadith (9) Principles of Islamic fiqh (10) Arabic Morphology (11) Arabic Grammar (12) Rhetoric (13) Metrics and Prosody (14)Arabic Literature(15) Arabic composition (16) Logic (17) Philosophy (18) History (19) Science (20) Mathematics (21) English Literature (22) English Composition (23) General Knowledge (24) Tajweed- Arabic Phonetics (25) Computer

The following subjects and disciplines are included in the classes of Alimiyat and Fazilat :
(1) Dars-e-quran (2) Tafsir-exegesis of the Quran (3) Hadith (4) Principles of Hadith (5) Fiqh (6) Principle of Fiqh (7) Inheritance of Law (8) Belief and Scholasticism (9) Arabic Rhetoric (10) History of Islam (11) Arabic Literature and Composition (12) English Literature and Composition (13) Logic (14) Philosophy (15) Munazara-Polemics (16) Political Science (17) Art of Teaching and Training (19) History of Islamic Fiqh (20) Secret Nature of Arabic Language (21) Arabic Phonetics (22) Computer

Among the above mentioned subjects there are some subjects which are included in every class such as Arabic and English Literature, there are some subjects in which instructions on only one or two books are given to the students such as Metrics and Prosody, Inheritance Law, Philosophy and other while there are some subjects in which instructions on various books are given to the students such as Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh and others.

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